Village Cabins Amenity Center

Art & Crafts Cabin (#1)
Do you wish you had an art studio, but can't seem to take away any rooms from your beautiful home? Come on down to the Arts & Crafts Room to let all your creative juices flow! This spacious cabin in the Village Center has enough room for all the art projects you could think of - from painting to scrapbooking, sketching, or collaging to watercoloring. 
Multi-Purpose Cabin (#2)
The Multi-Purpose room is a great space for any general meeting or get-togethers you may have. Come together for club meetings, Bible study, informational sessions, and book clubs or simply use for individual projects or activities. There are plenty of tables and seating, as well as a TV, two bathrooms, and screened-in porch with extra outdoor seating. This cabin is built for exactly what its name would suggest - any purpose you could need!
Post Office (#3)
Find your incoming and outgoing mailboxes in the Postal Center in the Village Center. Each home in Tree Tops has a reserved mailbox where you can receive your mail and packages as well as leave outgoing mail. This cabin will be open at all times - except when the mail carrier is dispensing the mail for our community (When the mail is being dispensed, the cabin is locked to ensure the security of everyone's mail).
Reading Cabin (#4)
Cozy up to a nice book on a rainy Sunday or relax with a magazine after work in the Village Center Reading Room. there is plenty of comfortable seating for your use as well as large wall-to-wall bookshelves that you can help fill! The Reading Room will be open for you to donate any books, or magazines you'd like to share. Feel free to borrow a book or two and then return them after use.
Please note the below guidelines for donating books for the Reading Cabin:
  • Check the shelves to see if we already have the book you are donating. We do not have room for duplicate books.    
  • Do not donate any book (fiction or nonfiction) that was published before 2010
  • Please do not donate reference books such as dictionaries or “how to “ books.
  • If you are donating more than 10 books contact June
  • If you are returning a borrowed book, please drop them in the basket on the floor near the coffeemaker.
  • Please do not donate CDs or DVDs.
Business Cabin (#5)
The Business Cabin houses HOA management:  The Community Manager, The Assistant Manager & The Lifestyle Director have offices located in the Business Cabin.  If you have any HOA questions or ideas for new events and activities, please stop by to see them.  
Sewing Cabin (#6)
Whether knitting, needle pointing, cross-stitching, crocheting, quilting, or sewing is what you prefer, the Sewing Room is the perfect place to work, There are plenty of seating areas for your use in this nice, quiet pace to meet with friends or work on a personal project. A few sewing machines have been provided by the HOA, but feel free to bring your own to share and use as you'd like!  
Fit You Cabin (#7)
Staying in shape without a home gym or gym membership can be difficult, but now it is simple with the Fit You cabin right next door! This cabin is dedicated to keeping you happy and healthy with a large space for Yoga, Tai Chi, individual strength and aerobic exercises, group classes, and much more. Exercise mats and fitness balls are provided, as well as a full wall mirror, cubbies, and water fountain for our convenience. Feel free to bring free weights, bands, and other workout accessories for your own use or to share!  
Card Cabin (#8)
Bridge, Poker, Bridge, Scrabble, Chess, Dominos, Uno , and puzzles just scratch the surface of the amount of activities available in the Card & Game Room. Meet up with your buddies for a competitive monthly card game or bring your grandkids in for some rainy day entertainment! There are multiple tables and chairs to fit as many people as you need, and there is no limit on how many games can be going at once.
Celebration Cabin (#9)
Celebration Center:  A great place to gather for morning coffee with neighbors or wine and cheese with friends! With a kitchen, seating area, fireplace, and large deck overlooking the lake, this cabin is great for any celebration. the kitchen comes with an ice maker, coffeemaker, sink and mini refrigerator to make your time there convenient, and the television and gas fireplace will help set the tone for any special occasion.  
Billiards Cabin (#10)
Everybody loves a good game of pool, and now you can enjoy one of your own in the Tree Tops Village Center! Bring out your work buddies to settle a bet or meet some new neighbors with some friendly competition. The Billiards cabin has two pool tables and sets of balls, as well as pool sticks and accessories for you to use. The wrap-around porch is also the perfect spot to cool off between games or to relax and check out the beautiful Lake Tree Tops.
First Aid & Safety Information:
Do you know that there is a First Aid Kit in each cabin? (Look for the first aid sticker) 
Do you know there is an AED unit on the Business Cabin Porch?
If you use any of our supplies, please let the Lifestyle Director know so that the supplies can be replaced. 
Do you know that if you call 911, that it is best to stay on the line with them until they arrive or they need to hang up? 
(This is especially helpful to make sure that they know how to get to our community).
If you have an emergency while you are in the Cabin Amenity Area, the address to give 911 is:  2226 Acadia Falls Lane