How to set up your profile

If you have NOT received a username and password, please send the Assistant Manager a message. You will ONLY get a username and password after your home has closed.
You get to the directory by clicking on the RESIDENT DIRECTORY button on the home page or in the drop down menu under Owner Resources. The directory is a PRIVATE feature of the site and can only be accessed by “logged in” Tree Tops homeowners that have closed on their homes.
Log in using the username and password you received (if you need log in help, send the Community Manager a message). If you click the remember me box, you won’t have to enter it every time (you should do this).
Click on YOUR PROFILE in the right hand corner.
This screen will come up. Here you can change your username, password, add a photo to your profile, update your profile and update your directory settings.
When you click on UPDATE PROFILE this screen will come up. This is where you will add phone numbers, your address and your emergency contact (optional). We highly encourage you list an emergency contact that lives outside of your home. If something were to happen, and we could not locate the second person who lives in your home (or if you live alone), we would want your neighbor to be able to look in your profile and know who to call if you were incapable. Again, this is optional, but a good safety net. CLICK the green SAVE button to save any changes you made.
You can (optional) add a photo to your profile. A lot of people get overwhelmed by trying to remember all the names of their new neighbors they have met. It helps to associate a name with the face. CLICK the green SAVE button to save any changes you made.
Pet Profile (optional): We recently had a lost cat in the community and it was suggested that it would be nice if we could list pets in the directory, with pictures. If you were to find a pet without an identification on it's collar or it would not let you close enough to check the collar, you could easily scroll through the directory and see pet profiles. To create a pet profile, the Level 1 member in your home would add a Level 3 member (see above) and before the pet's first name put (dog) or (cat) in parenthesis. Your pet will now show who it is "Associated With" and if ever lost, hopefully, can find it's way back home. You can only list one Level 3 member; if you have more than one pet, use a picture of them together and list their names together.
About Us (optional): A great way to introduce yourself to your neighbors will be to add a short bio in the about us section. CLICK the green SAVE button to save any changes you made.
Additional Occupants (optional): Because of COVID-19 many of you have additional people living with you (like your college age children). This is a great place to list any additional occupants living in your home so we can learn their names too and know who belongs with who. You can also list your pets here. If listing pets use (dog) or (cat) in parenthesis. CLICK the green SAVE button to save any changes you made.
If you do NOT want your profile visible, you can choose NO. CLICK the SAVE button to save any changes you made.
You can also add Level 2 users (and Level 3 users... adult children living WITH you). A level 2 user SHOULD ONLY be the second person living in your home. In our initial batch upload of the directory we were only able to upload one user per household. We do understand that the email address may be mixed up with the second person in your household. Follow the steps above for editing your profile and adding a Level 2 user to correct any email mix ups. To protect the privacy of our community, please do not add Level 2 or 3 users that live outside of the community. CLICK the green CONTINUE button to save any changes you made.
Look up Judy Overhultz to see an example of a fully populated profile.