Lawn Maintenance Coverage

Tree Tops Homeowners Association, Inc. Lawn Maintenance Coverage
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Remove all debris (limbs, trash, etc….) from all turf areas before mowing. Turf will be mowed and maintained to its specific cultural requirements, depending upon current season and weather conditions. Non-irrigated areas that stress during the heat of the summer will be mowed every ten days to prevent turf damage. All grass and other debris caused by contractor will be blown from sidewalks, curbs and parking areas at completion of each visit. Only Builder installed Bermuda grass will be mowed. Some homeowner lots may be adjacent to common areas that are not maintained regularly.
Edging along all sidewalks, flower beds, curbs and other surfaces shall be performed every other mowing or as needed to keep a clean appearance. This is performed with a steel blade edger. Trimming will be performed every mowing to catch the areas not maintained with mowers. All areas between turf and bedding will be trimmed in a manor to keep a clean neat edge. Additional landscape or hardscape areas installed by homeowner will not be edged.
Beds shall be kept clean of all debris and weeds in the common areas. Combination of chemical and hand pulling to control weeds will be utilized.
Dead sod, trees, shrubs and bushes located on private property will not be removed or replaced by the Association. Homeowners are responsible for all plantings on their property. Please refer to the Landscape Addendum reviewed at the final walk-thru.Homeowner installed sod, trees, shrub, bushes or flowers will not be maintained, removed or replaced by the Association. Extra landscaping packages purchased thru Builder are not included under the maintenance agreement. Pruning is at homeowner’s discretion and is not included under the maintenance agreement.
Turf shall be fertilized according to its individual needs to maintain good health, vigor, and color throughout the year. All turf areas will receive 2 applications of pre-emergent herbicide late fall and early spring and 2 fertilizations in the growing season. Please note pre-emergent is a weed preventative. It does not kill weeds. Homeowners are encouraged to speak with the current lawn maintenance company or secure a third party lawn treatment service to address weeds, crab grass etc.
Landscapers will enter backyards to mow, however the gate must be at least 54” wide to allow mowers access and must be OPEN on day of service. They will not enter closed gates or if pets are visible. They will not edge along fencing. Homeowners are responsible for keeping grass from growing along fence lines.
Leaves to be removed from property 2 times per season, more as needed to maintain the property. Leaves will be removed from atop plants and plant beds
Pine needles will be installed 2x per year only on areas in the Builder-installed front planted bed and around the air conditioner and single tree in backyard. Any other areas added by the homeowner or extra plantings by Builder will not be included. If homeowners replace pine needles with mulch or similar material, the mulch, black or brown in color only, will not be maintained or replaced by the Association but will be the responsibility of the Homeowner. Homeowners with mulch relinquish the use of allotted pine needles and do not receive a credit for non-use.
Many common areas in Tree Tops are considered “non-maintained common space”. These areas are designated as natural and do not receive specific maintenance of any kind. The landscape company is contracted to maintain only areas that are sodded on the homeowner’s property.
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