Group Exercise

Boxing wth Earl 
Exercise/No contact boxing exercise is one of the most effective, concise ways to get in shape and maintain your physical and mental health for both women and men. Age is no factor and you learn at your own pace and ability.  Benefits include:  Improved hand and eye coordination, Improved overall balance, Sharpened motor functions, Increased total body strength & cardio conditioning, Decreased stress, Improved joint mobility/range of motion.
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Dynamic Chair Yoga with Padma
Originally Chair Yoga was introduced to the fitness world as a modified version of Hatha Yoga for those who have health implications and the elderly. Now it has become a mainstream form of yoga. According to Yogapedia, almost any traditional yoga pose or move can be replicated and altered to accommodate Chair Yoga. It is ideal for those with limited range of motion, suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome or other conditions that prevent practicing traditional yoga. By performing poses while sitting on a chair, the body gains an increased range of motion. Poses are accompanied with pranayama or breath practice. Increased awareness of breathing reduces anxiety and calms the mind.  Participants will notice improved flexibility, increased range of motion, and greater breathing ability.
Registration Highly Recommended - Email Padma at
Fit Camp with Sue
Fitness for real life with full body workouts for strength, power and mobility. Standing and floor exercises with options to intensify, or modify, as necessary.
45 minutes from warm-up through cool-down – we’ll perform moves with dumbbells (light, medium, heavy) with moderate to higher intensity cardio bursts. If you prefer your own equipment, please bring your own dumbbells and/or mat.
$4 / session, or 10-session punch card for $35
Space is limited – so registration is required.
For more information, or to register, please contact Sue directly via email at or call/text 980.406.2446
Sue Dupuis, NASM-CPT
Now’s The Time Fitness, LLC
Health & Fitness Coach | Nutrition Mentor
Tree Tops resident since 2019
Gentle Yoga with Michelle 
Hi! I’m Michelle and I am thrilled to share Deep Stretch Tuesdays and Gentle Yoga Thursdays here at the Tree Tops!
When I first started yoga, I was looking to deeply stretch the stiff, tight places in my body caused by years of stress, injury, lack of proper self-care and most recently, aging. What I have learned has been profound. This practice teaches the importance of tuning into myself and my body, all while gaining flexibility, strength and balance. Yoga is providing me with tools to lead a healthier, more peaceful life; one where I am learning to be more mindful and prioritize my well-being. I encourage you to do this, too! You are worth it!
In Tuesdays Deep Stretch class, we will focus on longer passive holds of poses to create more flexibility and range of motion. In Thursdays Gentle Yoga, expect to slowly explore floor based and seated poses for the majority of class with some fun, standing and balance poses, too! We move with ease between poses, making the practice accessible for all. Both classes are great for beginners or anyone looking to increase mobility, flexibility and balance.
All are welcome, invited and encouraged to attend! See you on the mat!
Tai Chi with Earl
Tai Chi is an effective exercise for both health of mind and body. It can be easy to learn and soon delivers its health benefits which include:  Better balance & coordination, Increased muscular strength and stamina, Improved postures & biomechanics, Fall prevention, Improved circulation, Enhanced immune system, Increased Flexibility and Improved stress management.
Classes are broken down into three parts:
- Beginner:  Objectives are to emphasize postures, movement,   breathing, and learning forms 1-3
- Intermediate:  Objectives are to gain more skills, knowledge and health benefits. Learning forms 1-5.
- Advanced:  Objectives are to explore the higher levels of Tai Chi. Learning levels 1-8.
Email Earl to learn more about these classes:
Line Dancing with Sharon and Jim
Line dance teaches choreographed dances with repeated sequence of steps in which the class dances in one or more lines or rows, executing the steps at the same time.  Line Dance is taught by Sharon Grantham with help from her husband, Jim, who plays the music. Sharon and Jim have been line dancing for about 11 years and, in addition to the class in TT, she teaches a class on Thursday afternoons at the VFW in Rock hill.  
Email Sharon & Jim at to learn more about this class.
Zumba® Gold is a dance fitness class that creates a party-like atmosphere while moving to easy to follow choreography set to exhilarating music at a lower intensity. Enjoy moving to rhythms like Merengue, Salsa, Cha Cha, Flamenco, and Rock & Roll while improving your balance, coordination and fitness at the same time! It truly is a dance party that is suitable for all fitness levels and abilities. All that is needed to participate is comfortable exercise clothing, supportive shoes, water, a towel and your smile!
20/20/20 with Mia
A revamped version of a class favorite! This class still offers 20 minutes of low-impact cardio training as well as 20 minutes of resistance training utilizing different pieces of equipment. The notable difference is in the 20 minutes of core training. It now incorporates mobility, stability, balance and flexibility in a total body workout. Please bring your mat, dumbbells, water and towel.
FUNctional FITness with Sue
NO IMPACT functional strength training and learning to improve core strength, balance and mobility for everyday life and reduce the risk of injury. Seated and standing exercises – we will use a variety of tools including resistance loops & bands, lighter dumbbells, and… furniture mover sliders & PVC pipes just to keep it fun! We will also move to the floor – with options to stay seated in a chair. 
There are limited weights and mats in the Fit You Cabin – feel free to bring your own. 
$4 / session, or 10-session punch card for $35 
Registration is recommended. Click here to register!
For more information, please contact Sue directly via email at or call/text 980.406.2446
Sue Dupuis, NASM-CPT
Now’s The Time Fitness, LLC
Health & Fitness Coach | Nutrition Mentor
Tree Tops resident since 2019
Ai Chi with Gerri
Ai Chi is a simple exercise and deep breathing program performed using a combination of slow, broad movements  of the arms, legs and torso along with deep breathing.  Ai Chi's benefits are increased flexibility, stronger core and better balance.  I personally believe everyone over age 55 needs this class.  At 9 in the morning, it's a great way to start your day! $5 per class
This class takes place during the pool season of May - September.
Water Aerobics with Gerri
My background is from Physical Therapy.  I worked for Faulkner PT, in CT for over a decade.  I was taught from a Physical Therapy perspective.  My class is divided into 4 distinct parts:  Warm-up, Aerobic set, Strength set and Cool down.  Come enjoy the music, the exercise and the camaraderie!  
$5 per class 
This class takes place during the Pool Season of May - September.